Why Gold Export

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How We are Different From our Competitors

Peace of Mind

Gold Export USA offers a team of experts who are at your disposal; we have many years of experience in international business, with emphasis and specialization in the export-import of goods to/from other countries in wholesale quantities, assuring reliable and secure business transactions for your organization. With Gold Export, you will not experience surprises in terms of costs, paperwork and delivery times of your imported goods.

Multibrand Exporters-Importers

Your business benefits when dealing only with Gold Export to meet all your importation needs; our range of products, brands and services is extensive, which translates into significant savings in time and resources for your business, avoiding relationships with several companies, languages and cultures simultaneously to carry out your international transactions.

An Easy Experience

Gold Export makes importing a safe and easy experience for your company, we handle the entire process, providing significant benefits such as financing of your orders, storage and pre-dispatch warehouse consolidation, coordination of all international logistics, including transport, insurance policies, customs, etc.

Customer Service

We understand the frustration of not being treated in a courteous, friendly, professional and respectful manner, when we buy a product or contract a service with other companies. Our goal is to provide a pleasant, serious and professional experience to our clients. We want our customers to notice the difference in our services, come back in the future and recommend us to other companies and associates.

Competitive Pricing

Our commercial relationship directly involves the manufacturer or master wholesaler of the products we export-import; consequently, no more middlemen intervene in the distribution process. We offer very competitive prices to our customers; usually, our final price is at least between 15% and 30% below the prices of our nearest competitor.

Superior Quality

We understand that offering the highest possible quality in every single product we export-import is a key element for our clients' success. Our ongoing effort on achieving or exceeding our clients expectations regarding the quality of our products is a decisive factor in making certain our valued commercial relationships with them will not only continue, but will increasingly expand into the future.

Detailed Proposals

When necessary, our quotes include IMAGES of the goods being quoted, for verification of our customers, and a very detailed report from them. This way, we reduce any margin of error and avoid misunderstandings or returns, our customers can always see the images and assess their goods in detail, before placing their orders.

Professional Packing

A fundamental aspect of our business, sometimes neglected by some companies in our industry is the packing / protection of  goods before being sent to their destination. In all cases, we pack your automotive -  equipment parts,  and building materials professionally, ensuring the delivery at destination safely to our customers.This service is included in all our shipments.

Couriers / Carriers Specializing in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean

At Gold Export, we work with highly professional freight forwarders and carriers who possess many years of experience in our markets and know in depth the process of exporting-importing vehicle parts,  heavy machinery and building materials to the US,  Latin America and the Caribbean.

We Make it Easy for You!

Our clients directly benefit from our experience and international contacts. Gold Export coordinates an extensive network of strategic partners and vendors for your advantage: