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Import your parts directly. Cut out the middlemen and save an average of 30%!

A Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

And how ONE simple fix can improve your profits significantly

As an auto repair shop owner or manager, you more than likely spend a majority of your day ordering parts, checking parts deliveries and many times, ordering additional parts for the same job. While it may seem convenient to just make a phone call and have parts there quickly, it does come with a cost. There is a smart option that can help you save money, keep your techs busy, and most of all, provide you with the ability to offer shorter repair times and provide the best customer service possible.


When it comes to the price of parts, have you ever thought about exactly what you are paying for? Do you know how many hands those parts have gone through before they get to you? Since ordering parts by repair order has been the norm for so long, you have probably never even thought about it. For Korean makes, typically, your supplier gets parts from a supplier or wholesaler who gets them from another supplier or wholesaler that gets them from a manufacturer that is usually located in another country. Each trip and each stop your parts make adds on an additional cost, which is passed on to you in the final sales price.

Now what if we told you that you could truly save 30 percent or more on parts costs, cut down customer wait time, and increase your shop’s efficiency and profit margin all while making fewer calls and getting fewer parts deliveries? Now you probably do not stop at the grocery store every day for staples, correct? So why are you ordering your parts staples every day? You can simply make a list of the common parts you use, order them and we deliver them for you to have on hand when needed. Gold Export USA will provide you with your commonly used parts at a significant savings because we work directly with the manufacturer, cut out the intermediaries and pass our savings on to you. We take your order, contact the manufacturer, consolidate your order in one of our warehouses, and then ship it directly to your door. This way, you can spend more time building rapport with customers, which leads to repeat visits and customer referrals.


Gold Export USA can help you save money and spend less time dealing with parts and more on what you are in business to do - make money. We do this by using our volume buying power with manufacturers overseas to buy commonly used parts in bulk,  we’ll import the same Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM guaranteed parts that you get from your current suppliers, and pass the savings on to you. We also make it more convenient because we handle the warehousing, logistics, financing and delivery for you. This means you simply place an order and we handle the rest, your parts are delivered directly to your door. By teaming up with Gold Export USA, you will have your most commonly used parts on hand, and, by using your current upcharge method, you will make a lot more money. You will also save valuable time wasted on the phone because you will not have to make daily calls for commonly used parts, they will already be there.

Regarding the quality of our products, Gold Export USA only imports OE quality, and top of the line aftermarket parts. They are guaranteed for a full 24 months and you are encouraged to refuse any shipment that doesn’t meet your quality standards, no questions asked; we will even take care of the return costs.

While there is an initial 60 to 90 day period before you receive your first order, once you have your initial inventory, we will help you track it and plan your upcoming orders, to be sure that you have what you need when you need it. We also understand the importance of keeping your current suppliers and encourage you to use them for less commonly needed parts or specialty parts you may need.


We understand that as a business owner, you may or may not have the capital on hand to invest in a substantial inventory of parts. Not only does Gold Export USA accept small orders, we also accept credit cards and finance orders with a minimal 25 percent down payment. For those small businesses who want help with financing a parts inventory, we can also assist in connecting them with lenders that specialize in providing lines of credit for small businesses in the automotive industry. Stop wasting time and money with daily piecemeal parts deliveries and let Gold Export USA increase your profits significantly. Please note that for the US and Canada markets, we currently offer parts for Korean car makes only. To schedule a 10-15 min phone call with a team member, please email us at:

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