How it Works

Why Gold Export   |   How it Works

Our System is Very Straightforward

1 - Contact us, tell us about the goods you need to import.

(Initially, our customers come into contact with one of our sales team members, so that we can understand your needs: in this first contact you give us information about specific goods you want to import to your country.

FOR VEHICLE PARTS: a) We'll need an Excel file with a list of part numbers (OEM Reference), description and quantities of parts required b) If possible, one or more pictures of the parts requested c) City of delivery of spare parts or parts and  Incoterm 2000 condition requested EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, etc for quote d) Detailed contact information.

FOR STEEL AND BUILDING MATERIALS: a) Detailed description of goods, including all available references.  b) Brand, quality and standard grades desired c) Quantities per every item to be quoted. d) City of delivery of goods or parts and  Incoterm 2000 condition requested EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, etc for quote. e) Detailed contact information.

INDUSTRIAL / HEAVY MACHINERY: a) Make and model of equipment sought b) Approximate year of manufacture of the product you want c) Maximum number of hours, if you are looking for used equipment d) City of delivery of equipment e) Detailed contact information.

2 - We submit you a quote (Proforma Invoice) within 72 hours.

Normally we submit a quote (Proforma Invoice) within 72 hours from the time we have all the required data from our clients.

3 - You approve our quote, your order is processed, we arrange air or ocean transportation. (Door to Door or Traditional Export Procedure)

After satisfying the administrative requirements under the conditions agreed upon in our quotation, Gold Export processes your order and initiates export-import procedures for your order, from the designated Port of Origin (Door to Door or Standard Export-Import Procedure) . Our specialized Customs brokers / freight forwarders carry out the necessary steps and procedures for completion of the shipment process of the goods to their final destination.

4 - We will always be in touch with you and assist you throughout the process.

Finally, we will keep in touch with you to keep you informed throughout the entire export-import process.


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